Company name GREEN CONSULTANT Co.,Ltd
Head Offce 3-32-20, Higashishinagawa,Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo
Chief executive officer Akio Arai
Business line
1. Surveying, design, measurement, and construction management for civil
  engineering and architecture
2. Consulting business related to the above
3. Worker dispatch business
4. All business associated or related to the above
Establishment 1988/04/01
Capital JPY 10,000,000
Permission and Authorization Construction consultant registration Ken29- No. 4313(2017/02/13)

Survey contractor registration No.(7)-18243(2019/06/22)
Worker dispatching undertaking Ha13-304556(2009/10/01)

Employees 124 (2020/07/01)
The number of certified persons Doctor of Engineering 2
Professional Engineer 10
Registered Civil Engineering Manager (RCCM) 19
Registered Surveyor 26

1st -class Civil Engineering Construction Manager

1st- class Pavement Construction Management Engineer 55
Paving Diagnostician 28
1988 Established
1989 Chugoku Branch Office opened
  Kyushu Branch Office opened
1990 Hokkaido Branch Office opened
1991 Tohoku Branch Office opened
1992 Chubu Branch Office opened
1993 Hokushinetsu Branch Office opened
1994 Kansai Branch Office opened
1996 Shikoku Branch Office opened
2002 Kanto Branch Office opened
2014 Design Center opened