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Pavement Design

Test course and bicycle race-track design

We provide design of test courses and bicycle race-tracks as well as maintenance and improvement design.

Residential development and redevelopment design

Consultation is provided for residential development of building lots and redevelopment of public facilities.

Road design

Our road design ranges from schematic designs to detailed designs, including blueprints, quantifications, and reports.

Exterior design

We conduct exterior designs of factories and residences, containing quantity surveys.

Sports facilities and landscape design

Our design of sports facilities is applicable to various sports facilities, such as tennis courts, athletic stadiums, soccer stadiums, and athletic parks.
The landscape design includes design of roads, parks, or shopping districts.

Structural design

Our structural design includes the design of foundation structure of plants and road structure, such as retaining walls and roadside barriers. In addition, we conduct soil stability analysis for structural design.